Morten Augustinius - The Politician Man

The Politician Man (single) by Morten Augustinius. (music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein F. Bruland). "The Politician Man" (3:58) is a catchy pop song reflecting hope and "light in the end of the tunnel" in a world full of challenges. The Politician Man is produced by the norwegian "sound-mogul" Ingar Helgesen together with Morten Augustinius. Performers: Morten Augustinius. vocals, bass, keys, guitar & drum-programming. Freddy Holm. Guitars & lap-steel Ingar Helgesen. Harmonica, perc & drum-programming. Tonje Ingarsdotter Helgesen. backing vocals. Elisabet Bruun Johnsen. backing vocals Camera: Ingar Helgesen Song available at all streaming and download services from june 2017 All the best from Nobel Records