Sean Christopher

A Thousand Hues is the new single from Sean Christopher. “A beautifully composed piece of music, there's a marvellous sense of balance in Sean's songwriting, with those lingering guitar notes underpinning his softly intense vocal” CLASH “His vocals pour like honey into the mix and the whole track feels like an elixir for simple happiness“ Indie Shuffle "His work is rooted in pastoral acoustic climes, while still reaching towards the personal. Recent single 'Paper Plane Pilot' is a beautiful example of his artistry” CLASH "Heart-touching lyrics, soothing vocals and a melody to die for. Yeah, Sean Christopher's "Paper Plane Pilot" is quite the find!” Stereofox “A very listenable and magnetic bit of guitar pop” Blahblahblahscience “An accomplished listen – one that’s alive with tight melodies, intelligent lyricism, emotional content and a really appealing set of vocals" **** Indie London “Something really warm about his voice... it’s reminding me of Jeff Buckley, it’s beautiful." Georgie Rogers, Virgin Radio