Exco Levi - Narrative

Once upon a time… that's how the fairy tales of our childhoods start. As we grow into adults, these fables give way to the stories of our individual lives – all different, but with many similarities. In his new album NARRATIVE, Exco Levi takes these differences as well as the similarities and weaves them into a thread that combines the 13 tracks included, creating a fabric of message and sound everybody can relate to. Says the artist: "My music is touching on many sub-topics, real issues that are going on, so this is what the album is about. That's why I named it NARRATIVE because it's telling different stories. It's a part of me that I present to the world!" After unforgettable hits like "Jah Nah Sleep" and "Storms Of Life", Exco Levi has teamed up again with German top-producers Silly Walks Discotheque, warrantors of fine music destined for high rotation. In an intense collaboration with Austria's Irievibrations Records as well as Josi Coppola and the Evolution Band, they brought existing riddims to renewed glory and created new, fascinating tracks from scratch. Thus, the hot-off-the-press "Don't Cry", a catchy love song for all the beautiful ladies around the world, is sure to hit the airwaves with a massive impact, while "Money Can't Save You" promises a reunion with our old friend, the Drop Leaf riddim. Other big names that add substantially to the album are Penthouse, who produced "Trouble", and Raging Fyah, who lent their signature sound to the final track "Redo". None other than the great Sizzla Kalonji joins outspoken Levi in "Burn", an anthem celebrating Rasta Livity and Repatriation. Add to this the touching ballad "Part Of Me", an ode to Exco's mother, and uplifting tracks like "My Moment" or "Feel Like Dancing" and you get a perfectly balanced release that will accompany you for many years to come. Mixed by Syrix (Irievibrations) and mastered by Stefan Flad (Red Kitchen), NARRATIVE is going to bring you 13 authentic songs in brilliant sound quality – turn up those speakers! Open your hearts and ears to the stories that Exco Levi has to tell.