Jørgen Sandvik - Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation is the first solo album from Jørgens Sandvik, known as the amazing guitar guitar player, singer and composer of the folk folk rock band Real Ones. This album is Jørgen’s exploration of the blues. The album is traditional, yet experimental. The album is recorded with some unusual instruments like the TR808, flutes, chello and pump organ. But most of all Permanent Vacation is Jørgen Sandvik playing guitar and singing with great respect for the old masters and the tradition. Jørgen Sandvik moves the blues forward, Harry Simpson (UK) Great solo debut album from Jørgen, Barry “Baz” Maxwell, Blues on the Hill (AU) ..it grows in echoing depth and delivers nicely, Iain Patience, Blues Magazine (NL) ”especially in the conviction with which the blues is brought,, he is far beyond most other blues of this time” – Pop Heaven magazine, (NL) Jørgen’s refreshing look on the blues genre makes the CD a great listen, MLWZ (POL) Is There Hope? is one of several great tracks on the album. And yes, there is hope for the blues! Ø. Rønning, Dagbladet (NO) Jørgen Sandvik saves the blues, Bergens Tidende (NO) I like the sound of it, Gary Grainger (UK)