Caroline Gustavsson - Breaking Down My Walls

BREAKING DOWN MY WALLS After great success around the world as a songwriter for other artists, the Swedish singer/songwriter Caroline Gustavsson releases her first single as an artist herself: - My new single "Breaking down my walls" is about being vulnerable in front of another person. Sometimes we build these high walls around us, that very few people may go beyond, and this song is about meeting someone who make these walls fall, revealing all that is you - scars, flaws and all. To me this is a mixed feeling, with fear of not being accepted for who you truly are, but also a relief not having to hide any part of yourself any more, says Caroline. Breaking down my walls is a collaboration with songwriter/producer/artist Jonas Brøg. - We both felt strongly that the songs we write should be created 100% straight from the heart, where the honesty and rawness of the lyrics and performance is more important than perfection. In the same way that the lyrics are about being vulnerable, so is the performance.